WATCH: Divorced man splits possessions in half to give to ex-wife

Editor’s note: Global News has confirmed that the video of the items being cut in half was a marketing stunt by the German Bar Association

One man in Germany is coping with his divorce with a bit of dark humour.

In a video entitled “For Laura” the anonymous man is seen cutting halfway through an iPhone 5, a TV, a chair, a bed and finally a car.

Using a combination of power tools and a utility knife, the man splits the items down the middle with precision over a soundtrack of head banging metal.

“She wanted as much as possible of my hard-earned possessions as she could get. Generously, I have neatly separated her half,” he wrote.

The video has amassed over 680,000 views in two days on YouTube.

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After giving the halved items to his ex-wife, he listed the other halves on eBay.

For the half sofa, the description says the seller spent many beautiful evenings on the sofa with his wife, but she didn’t find them to be too beautiful and is now his ex-wife.

Descriptions for other halved items such as half a teddy bear and half a bicycle all maintain a similar quirky tone.

“The wheel of the bike has some signs of wear, since an entire half is missing.”

So far, the item with the highest bid is the iPhone 5 followed closely by half of an Apple MacBook Pro.

Unsurprisingly, the front half of the car has only garnered just € 57 (just under $80CAN).