Pointe-Claire daycare operators complaining about garbage collection

WATCH: Garbage pick-up in Pointe-Claire has been reduced to once every two weeks – terrible news for daycare owners. Global’s Tim Sargeant reports.

POINTE-CLAIRE – Melissa Spurrell is disappointed with a decision by the City of Pointe-Claire to change the garbage collection schedule to once every two weeks from once a week.

“For us during the summer months I would really like to have it reinstated that we could have the weekly garbage pick up here. It just doesn’t make sense,” She told Global News.

Pointe-Claire changed its garbage collection schedule to once every two weeks last month.

Spurrell’s daycare and all other family-operated daycares aren’t excluded from the change.

“Double bagging the diapers as they go in and double bagging the garbage bags themselves and they still smell. Not sure what I’m going to do with 350 diapers every two weeks,” she said.

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It appears no other city or town on the island has switched to a garbage pickup schedule of every two weeks during the summer.

In neighbouring Beaconsfield and Dorval trash is collected weekly. Garbage is picked up twice a week in NDG.

Christina Friedrich also runs a family daycare. She’s signed an online petition demanding the city reinstate weekly garbage collection.

“I think garbage collection is important every week,” she said.

But Mayor Morris Trudeau has no plans to reverse council’s decision.

“We have many family-run daycares in Pointe-Claire where we have two or three or sometimes four children in a private home or a daycare but no, we have not made any exceptions and we don’t plan to right now,” Trudeau told Global News.

Trudeau recommends daycare operators call the city to discuss how they can adapt to the new schedule.

Spurrell says she’ll do more than that – she plans to attend the next council meeting to voice her objections.

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