Calgary cab driver saves ducks, gives family free ride to safety

The ducks in the back seat of Urga Adunga's cab after being rescued from 16 Ave. and Shaganappi Trail in Calgary on June 11, 2015. Hand out, Checker Transportation Group

CALGARY – Urga Adunga started his shift on Thursday with more passengers than seat belts. Adunga, who’s been driving cabs at Calgary’s Checker Yellow Cabs for only six months, rescued a mother duck and her nine ducklings from the traffic on 16 Avenue and Shaganappi Trail S.W.

“I jumped out of my cab and I motioned for the oncoming traffic to pull over so I could get the animals to safety,” said Adunga in a statement. “Several drivers got out of their cars and signalled everyone to stop. Other drivers used baby carriers to hold the ducklings and put them gently into my cab with their mama.”

Adunga said the mother sat quietly throughout the trip, watching him and enjoying the ride with her family towards the Bow River. Once he hopped out and opened the doors, the mother seemed to prefer the seat over freedom. After she got off, Urga had to assist the ducklings out of the cab.

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After cleaning up the seats and taking some pictures of his passengers, Adunga continued his shift.