B.C. newlyweds meet Pope Francis, gift him Canucks jersey

VANCOUVER – Some B.C. newlyweds are making headlines in Italy today after photos were snapped of them presenting Pope Francis with his own Vancouver Canucks jersey.

Joseph and Marion San Jose were married last Saturday and are in Rome for their honeymoon.

After receiving a special Canucks jersey from their friend and MC, Clayton Imoo, their mission was to give it to the Pope.

And they succeeded.

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In a Facebook posting, Joe says they were walking around the Vatican, with Marion wearing her wedding dress, and many people were calling out well-wishes to them as they passed.

After about five hours of being in the hot Italian sun, the couple met Pope Francis.

Joe shook his hand and gave him the jersey. This is how the conversation went:

JOE: For you, Papa Francesco!
POPE FRANCIS: Ah, you are from Vancouver!
MARION: (in broken but lovingly attempted Spanish) It’s our hockey team!
POPE FRANCIS: Yes, hockey!The Pope then blessed the couple and walked away.Luckily, the publication L’Osservatore Romano was there to snap the pictures.
Joseph and Marion San Jose meet Pope Francis. L'Osservatore Romano

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