Edmonton officer ticketed for double-parking police vehicle in handicap stall

WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton police officer is in hot water after a picture surfaced of his cruiser double-parked in an accessible parking stall.  Jessica Kent explains.

EDMONTON — Edmonton police say an officer will face a bylaw charge after an “embarrassing” photo surfaced of his vehicle parked in a handicap stall.

The photo, of a police truck and trailer parked across two spaces, including one reserved for people with disabilities, spread on social media Tuesday, and the police service quickly came under fire.

“This is not conduct we expect from our officers, it’s not acceptable and we’ve acted swiftly,” said EPS Insp. Gary Godziuk.

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“We regret this, we apologize to the citizens of Edmonton, this does not meet our expectations.”

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The officer has been with the force for about 10 years. He was given a ticket that he is expected to pay out of his pocket.

“There’s no excuse for it, I’m just as surprised by our members’ actions,” Godziuk added. “The police aren’t above the citizens we serve, we hold our [members] equally or more accountable than the people of our community.”

Godziuk apologized and called the incident “embarrassing.” He said EPS respects the opinions of the community and is glad this was brought to their attention.

With files from Jessica Kent, Global News