Gold fish, hula hoops, and laundry are just some of the things left behind in Halifax taxis

WATCH: Earlier Global News told you the story of Cory Tetford and how social media help re-unite him with his guitar after leaving it in a cab, but he isn’t the only one to leave something valuable in a cab. Ray Bradshaw takes a look.

HALIFAX – It appears Cory Tetford isn’t the only person leaving things behind in taxis. Tetford is a local musician who forgot his valuable guitar in the back of a Casino Taxi cab on Saturday night, and fortunately got it back.

Taxi drivers in Halifax say they find a lot of articles in their cabs. There’s the usual list, keys are the most common, some get reclaimed, but surprisingly many keys are unclaimed. Then there are some more amusing items.

“A pink wig, and it wasn’t Hallowe’en,” said Majid Latif, general manager of Yellow Cab adds. “And a bag full of wacky tobaccy which was brought in by a taxi driver, which we pointed to go straight to the police station.”

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Latif said no one ever contacted Yellow Cab wondering if someone had found a bag of weed.

Casino Taxi says cell phones are commonly found, but their drivers have also found some strange things on the back seat.

“False teeth, glasses. A lady left a walker in a taxi one time,” says Brian Herman of Casino Taxi.

“Probably the most strange would be a gold fish in a bag, a live gold fish in a bag, it was turned over by the driver and our dispatch staff took care of it for the weekend, until it could get reunited with the owner,” Herman added.

A customer once left a bag full of laundry in a Yellow Cab.

“Probably the customer we picked up from the laundry mat going to home, left the laundry bag in there, which was never claimed,” said Latif. “In another situation, a van driver brought in a hula hoop.”

A busker once left a duffle bag in a Yellow Cab with hundreds of dollars in it. The driver turned it in to the office.

“Quite a sum in that bag,” says Latif. “He was very appreciative of the driver.”

With many articles, like hats and glasses, there’s no way of identifying the owner. A hat from a naval officer was left in a Yellow Cab two years ago and has never been claimed.

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Staff are trained how to take calls for lost items. Every item found is logged and most items are claimed.

Latif has a tip for his taxi customers, so they can easily find things they may have left.

“When they are getting in the cab, please note the roof light number and the company they’re calling.” Latif says, adding that it makes it easier to track down the driver and search for any lost articles.

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