PKP accuses Liberals of harassment

WATCH: The political ascent of Quebec millionaire Pierre-Karl Peladeau has hit a snag. The trouble is, he also owns a majority stake in Quebecor — a massive media and communications company. Critics call it a clear conflict of interest, but Peladeau is defiant. Mike Armstrong reports.

QUEBEC – Parti Quebecois Leader Pierre Karl Peladeau is accusing the Liberals of harassment with comments about the interest rates his cable company charges customers.

PQ energy critic Bernard Drainville said in the national assembly today the province’s hydro utility is usuriously charging customers interest rates of 14.4 per cent for late payments.

Energy Minister Pierre Arcand responded by stating that Videotron, a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc., charges its late-paying customers interest rates of 19.56 per cent.

WATCH: Quebec’s auditor general report led to a war of words in the National Assembly, dragging Pierre Karl Peladeau’s ownership of Videotron into the fray. Caroline Plante reports.

Peladeau, Quebecor’s controlling shareholder, questioned what his telecommunications company had to do with Hydro-Quebec.

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He said the Liberals are using harassment and intimidation tactics as a strategy to criticize him.

WATCH:  Pierre Karl Peladeau is at the centre of  parliamentary ethics commission

Peladeau said he believes there will be political consequences to the Liberals’ tactics and added Quebecers will eventually decide at the voting booth whether they support the government’s attitude
toward him.

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