Wynne open to changing teacher bargaining process once negotiations over

WATCH ABOVE: Premier Wynne says the process which separates local and central bargaining was necessary but she would consider looking at changes.

HAMILTON – Premier Kathleen Wynne says that once this “difficult” round of negotiations with teachers is over, she’s open to making changes to the process.

The Liberal government introduced back-to-work legislation Monday for high school teachers on strike in the regions of Peel, Durham and the Sudbury-area Rainbow District.

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They had hoped to get it passed in just one day with unanimous consent of all parties, but the NDP did not agree, so it will go to second reading debate after 3 p.m. today.

It comes as there are rumblings of a potential provincewide high school teachers’ strike in the fall, following an application for conciliation by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, and elementary teachers are on a work-to-rule campaign.

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This is the first round of negotiations to formally separate local and central bargaining under legislation the Liberal government brought in last year.

While Wynne says it was necessary to have a process like that, she would consider looking at changes.