Protest held over medical marijuana grow-op in Maple Ridge

VANCOUVER – More than 150 people gathered in Maple Ridge Friday to protest a proposed medical marijuana facility at 272nd Street and Bell Avenue.

They say the greenhouse would be too close to homes and schools and that the facility is going to be much bigger than the 40,000 sq ft they were initially told it would be. It appears the facility will be 115,000 sq ft.

Medical marijuana company Tantalus Labs, which is building the greenhouse, has not yet received a license from the federal government but a building permit has been approved by the City of Maple Ridge.

Residents are concerned the facility would bring security problems and issues with their well water.

However, Dan Sutton, managing director of Tantalus Labs, said in a statement:

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An independent Hydrology Engineer has provided conclusive evidence that our greenhouse will have no impact on neighbouring water uses.

We have worked hard to build a business acting within the legal framework of The Municipality of Maple Ridge, The Province of BC, The Agricultural Land Commission, and the Federal Laws of Canada. We believe in a low carbon footprint and a Sungrown production methodology. This greenhouse will be a beacon of environmentalism and stewardship.

The residents say they do not feel that anyone is listening to their concerns.

If the project gets Health Canada approval, the greenhouse would be one of the largest medical marijuana grow-ops in North America.

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