TransCanada holds Energy East briefing in Saint John

WATCH: TransCanada Pipeline officials were in Saint John to speak about the proposed Canada East Pipeline, but as Andrew Cromwell reports, not everyone is buying what they’re selling.

SAINT JOHN – TransCanada officials were in Saint John Thursday with several experts to answer questions about the Energy East Pipeline project.

Questions varied from the recent oil spill in California, to the situation in Quebec and closer to home, concern over tank farms and consultation with local citizens.

The devastating pipeline oil spill near Santa Barbara, California is fresh on people’s minds. Almost 400,000 litres is believed to have leaked out, a fifth of which could reach the Pacific Ocean.

“We’re looking at something that’s going to be one of the safest, most technologically advanced pipelines in the world when it’s built,” said Tim Duboyce, a spokesperson for the project. “We’re talking about the best in class equipment that’s going to be used.”

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Local groups like the Red Head Anthony’s Cove Preservation Association are worried about a tank farm and the group has expressed concern that they can’t speak with the company directly.

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“They have a ton of secrets or they would have no issue coming here and meeting with us and sitting down and having that hard conversation that’s going to need to be had,” said Leanne Sutton of the Preservation Association.

The company points to numerous open houses, meetings with landowners and citizen liaison committees that have occurred over the last several months.

As for another oil terminal, TransCanada says it continues to explore its options in Quebec with a service date for the pipeline slated for 2020.

With files from Global’s Andrew Cromwell


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