New details emerge in British Properties murder

WATCH: Fifty-four-year-old Li Zhao has been charged with second-degree murder and interference with a dead body. Catherine Urquhart explains the bizarre circumstances surrounding the murder.

New details are emerging in the murder of a man in the British Properties earlier this month, a case that involves wealth, gruesome violence and even a reality TV show.

Li Zhao, 54, has been charged with second-degree murder and interference with a dead body in connection with the death of 42-year-old Gang Yuan.

Yuan was found deceased inside a $5 million mansion on King Georges Way. His body had been cut up into more than 100 pieces.

Lawyers for the victim’s family are speaking out in an effort to protect assets that include multiple properties and a Bentley. Those assets were in the names of several people, including the alleged killer and his wife Xiao Mei Li.

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“It is extremely disturbing to Mr. Yuan’s family that the very people who he supported and showed generosity to, have shown the utmost in disrespect,” said lawyer Chris Johnson. “Within days of this murder, it came to our attention that Xiao Mei Li was driving Mr. Yuan’s Bentley.”

The alleged killer’s daughter, Yi Ming Zhao, appeared on the reality show Ultra Rich Asian Girls. In many scenes, Zhao pretends to own some of the victim’s assets–an island, a Rolls-Royce and a house in an exclusive Vancouver neighbourhood.

The victim’s family made a point of saying that Yuan was a successful businessman and that his investments were not connected to the Chinese government. The accused is due back in court on May 29.

-with files from Catherine Urquhart

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