Still no deal between City of Winnipeg and transit union

Winnipeg Transit users can expect continuing delayed, cancelled buses. Josh Arason/Global News/File

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg transit users can expect delays and bus cancellations to continue for the time being. The City of Winnipeg and the Amalgamated Transit Union have yet to reach a compromise.

The city released details on the negotiations Wednesday afternoon, outlining to the general public what’s being proposed.

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The city offered the union a four year agreement that would give an 8 per cent wage increase for bus drivers, and an 8.81 per cent increase for mechanics over four years.

The union has proposed a three year agreement, with a wage increase of 10.34 per cent for drivers, and a 20.24 per cent increase for mechanics over three years.

The city’s move to release the details publicly seemed to have taken the union by surprise Wednesday.

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“It’s funny the city would lower themselves to this kind of thing, but we’ll take the high road,” said ATU Local 1505 President John Callahan.

Callahan confirms the figures released by the city are accurate, but adds the proposals changed somewhat during conciliated talks Tuesday.

Winnipeg Transit employs roughly 1100 bus drivers and 250 maintenance staff.

A provincially-appointed conciliation officer is working with both sides and discussions are set to resume Friday.

A city official told Global News that 25 buses on 24 routes were affected by cancellations or delays Wednesday due to the drivers and mechanics refusing to do overtime as part of the contract dispute.

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