Mothers mad over gypsy moth spraying early this morning

VANCOUVER — It was a rude awakening for mothers — and other residents — in Surrey and Delta.

The B.C. Ministry of Forests began its final round of spraying to eradicate gypsy moths. The unwelcome wake-up calls began between 5:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

“For goodness sake, let us have one day,” says Stephanie Mosher. “Moms wake up at the crack of dawn most days, as it is. Just give us the one day.”

Others took to social media to stage their protests.

This was the third and last spraying on the 4,500-hectare area this year.

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The pests can cause major problems for local trees, shrubs and flowers, experts say.

“We would treat with ground spraying if the size of the infestation was smaller and more contained,” says Tim Ebata, a Forest Health Officer. “But in this case we’re stuck with the only option being aerial spraying…we have to go when the simulation model tells us, when the most vulnerable stages are. We also are fighting a weather window.”

But for mothers today in the Surrey and Delta area, the disappointment was — literally — in the air.

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With files from John Hua.