Miami cop caught punching female suspect on video suspended

Surveillance video was released Monday of a Miami Beach cop punching a female suspect in the face at a police station — and apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg in this officer’s case.

Officer Philippe Archer was in an altercation with 50-year-old Andrew Mossberg in July 2013 after Mossberg mistook the black officer going through a woman’s purse as a robbery. Mossberg intervened and was left with a bruised and bloody face, cheek and forehead, according to WFOR.

The woman that Archer had detained at the time was allegedly model and writer Megan Adamescu.

Reportedly drunk at the time, she was detained for refusing to leave the lobby of the South Bay Club condos.

After arriving at the parking garage behind the headquarters of the Miami Beach Police Department, a security camera captured the moment Adamescu attempted to kick Archer, who responded with a right hook to her face.

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Megan Adamescu reportedly plans to sue the city and Archer after being punched by the officer. Miami Beach Police Department

She was left bruised and concussed. But that incident, caught on camera, was left out of Archer’s police report.

The police department announced Monday that the police veteran has been suspended without pay for four weeks.

“Your lack of judgment and your poor decisions defy your tenure as a Miami Beach Police Officer of 19 years,” a police report stated.

“You met this slight woman’s meager schoolyard kick with excessive, unnecessary, and unwarranted use of force.”

Some were outraged at the perceived lack of punishment.

“This officer should have been fired,” attorney Ray Taseff, representing Mossberg, told CBS. “Mr. Mossberg does the right thing and makes the right call, and he is then retaliated against by Officer Archer.”

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“This was a crime that was committed,” added Adamescu’s attorney Phil Reizenstein. “This is an officer who not only beat up my client, and not only did it on video tape, her hands were cuffed behind her back.”

Both Adamescu and Mossberg intend to sue the officer — adding to a reported three other lawsuits levied against him.

But the state attorney has already written off pressing criminal charges against Archer.

“The battery that was the focal point of the possible criminal charge could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt given that the victim initiated it,” state attorney spokesman Ed Griffith told the Miami Herald.

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