WATCH: Trailer for ‘Absolutely Anything’ features voice of Robin Williams

TORONTO – In any other year, a new comedy starring Simon Pegg, the original Monty Python cast and Robin Williams would be among the most highly anticipated releases of the summer.

But the upcoming Absolutely Anything has a more somber significance, as it represents one of Williams’ last film credits.

From director Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame), Absolutely Anything stars Simon Pegg as school teacher Neil Clarke, who is chosen by a panel of all-powerful extraterrestrials to receive omnipotent powers as a test of humanity’s worthiness to exist.

The aliens are voiced by Monty Python alums John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Jones himself.

Williams provides the voice of Clarke’s dog Dennis, who is granted the ability to speak by Clarke upon receiving his God-like powers.

Rounding out the cast are Eddie Izzard and Kate Beckinsale.

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The film wrapped in May 2014 – just a few months before Williams’ death by suicide at 63.

Williams last on-screen comedy role was in the made-in-Vancouver comedy Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. His final dramatic role, in Boulevard, is due for release in July.

An acclaimed actor who’s worked spanned decades, Williams won an Academy Award in 1998 for his role in Good Will Hunting. He also received Oscar nods for The Fisher King, Dead Poets Society and Good Morning, Vietnam.

Absolutely Anything hits theatres Aug. 14 in the UK. Release dates for other markets have not been announced.