WATCH: Suspected robber masks himself after entering casino

Former indoor league football player Florencell Jones, better known as James Jones, was arrested Wednesday after he was identified for attempting to rob a casino.

Security footage from the Monday incident shows 35-year-old Jones entering the Rice Street Casino with a mask in one hand and a bank bag in another.

He puts on the mask and seems to demand cash from the clerk.

The silent video shows the clerk appear unperturbed by Jones’ demands and points at the doorway, as if to boldly tell the former Sioux Falls Storm running back to leave the way he came in.

Eventually, a clearly frustrated Jones takes off his mask and leaves with an empty bag.

Police said they were able to arrest Jones after several witnesses identified him by his clothes, mannerisms and his walk.

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Authorities also found methamphetamine in Jones’ vehicle before the arrest, adding possession to his second-degree robbery charge.

This is not the first time Jones has clashed with the law.

In 2012, Jones was kicked off the Sioux Falls Storm team after he was arrested for physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend and for making threats.