Alberta Election 2015: NDP’s Sarah Hoffman wins Edmonton-Glenora

NDP candidate Sarah Hoffman won the seat in Edmonton-Glenora, taking the role from PC minister Heather Klimchuck.

Hoffman is a former school trustee and past chair of the Edmonton Public School Board. The NDP finished second in this riding in 2012. Wildrose candidate Don Koziak is making a second attempt in this riding, after finishing third in 2012.

This riding, just north of the North Saskatchewan River, had Klimchuk seeking a third term.

“I guess the only poll that matters is election day and I know that the electorate was looking for some other options,” Klimchuk said Tuesday night. “I heard some of that at the door. Some of the them said, ‘We like you, but we’re not sure about other things.'”

Klimchuk was serving as the province’s Minister of Human Services. She says she has been a proud Progressive Conservative since she was a little girl—helping her parents elect Peter Lougheed in Calgary.

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“That’s where I grew up. So for me, it’s in my roots; it’s in my soul.”

As for what’s next, Klimchuk says she’s going to spend some time with her family, and in her garden.


  • Progressive Conservative: Heather Klimchuk (Incumbent)
  • NDP: Sarah Hoffman
  • Wildrose: Don Koziak
  • Liberal: Karen Sevcik
  • Alberta Party: Chris Vilcsak
  • Green: David Parker

 Click here for full provincial election results.

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