Rockyview prepares to take over its own fire services

Rockyview County has provided fire services for the town of Chestermere for almost a decade, but that’s about to change.

Next month, the town just east of Calgary will officially take over that role.

Chestermere already has a fire hall and owns equipment.

Mayor Patricia Matthews says the move is a step towards greater sustainability, and the ability for Chestermere to control its own future as the town grows.

“Chestermere’s been an extremely fast growing community,” says Matthews. “In order for us to move forward in the future as being sustainable, we need to ensure that all our departments come under our purview.”

Existing firefighters will be encouraged to apply for positions within the Chestermere department, which likely include a mix of full-time, paid on-call and volunteer firefighters.

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The official transfer takes place on February 19, 2011.

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