No parking on the Red Mile for rest of Flames playoff games

CALGARY – If you were planning to drive to your favourite bar on the Red Mile for Game 5 of the Flames playoffs Thursday night, think again: Calgary police say you can’t park along 17 Ave. S.W. Thursday—or for any of the remaining games.

No parking will be permitted on 17 Ave. S.W. between 2 St. S.W. and 14 St. S.W. between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Any vehicles parked there after 7 p.m. will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Police say the restrictions are to “enhance pedestrian and motor vehicle safety.”

“We have a traffic shutdown plan in place, ready to go if we need it at a moment’s notice, so it will be very quick and efficient for us if we need to shut traffic down,” said Inspector Chris Butler.

The change comes in the wake of increased calls to the city and police to keep the Red Mile safe. One group of locals created a Facebook group called The Pussy cats consent awareness team on Red Mile to combat recent incidents.

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Police told Global News they are considering making a public plea using photos or video of anyone committing acts of assault to track them down in order to lay charges.

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A mobile command centre was set up behind Western Canada High School Thursday evening, so police could keep a close eye on crowds.

Mobile command centre Red Mile
Calgary Police set up a mobile command centre near the Red Mile April 23, 2015. Tom Reynolds, Global News