Ban on microbeads in Toronto on the agenda at executive committee

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TORONTO – Toronto’s executive committee will meet today to discuss the option of banning the use of microbeads found in shower gels, toothpaste and facial scrubs.

A letter from councillor Paul Ainslie to be presented at Wednesday’s meeting asks city council to ban the use of plastic microbeads in personal care products and to request both the provincial and federal government to establish legislation to prohibit its use.

“Small enough to bypass sewage treatment plants the microbeads enter our fresh water Lake system to become food for animal and plant species,” Ainslie wrote in a letter to the executive committee.

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“A failure to recognize the negative effects of microbeads from further entering the food chain can ultimately cause dangerous health effects in humans and other wildlife.”

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The Conservative government announced last month that Environment Canada is studying the dangers posed to wildlife and the environment by the plastic microbeads.

Meanwhile, the NDP wants the federal government to list microbeads as a potential toxic substance.

Health Canada has deemed the beads safe for use as an additive in cosmetics and food.

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Also on the executive committee agenda today will be the future home of the Red Door Shelter.

The Queen St. E. family shelter has been fighting for survival after the property was placed into receivership.

In March, developer Harhay Construction reached a deal with Red Door to pay for and build a new 94-bed shelter as part of its condominium project.

A city planning report on the project is expected to be presented to council next month with an estimated construction date beginning in 2016.

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