Trudeau sets sight at countering Conservative budget

WATCH: Justin Trudeau says Liberals will not be supporting the Tories’ budget

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau is starting to show some of his economic cards now that the Conservative government has laid its election hand on the table.

The Liberal leader says he’d reverse the Tories’ plan to almost double the maximum amount Canadians can sock away in their tax-free savings accounts.

And he’s promising that the Liberals would balance next year’s budget should they win this fall’s election.

Budget 2015: Budget does triple-duty as Conservative platform and mandate

Trudeau disclosed those two details Tuesday, moments after the Conservatives laid out their economic and fiscal blueprint in the Harper government’s 11th federal budget, its last before the election scheduled for October.

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And now that the fiscal lay of the land is clear, insiders say Trudeau intends to unveil in the next few weeks at least one major economic plank from the Liberals’ eventual election platform.

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Until now, Trudeau has offered sparse details – like promises to scrap the government’s income-splitting measure and to roll back the age of eligibility for old age security to 65 from 67 – while steadily resisting pressure to reveal platform proposals.

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