Will Saskatoon make province’s worst roads list?

Watch above: CAA Saskatchewan is about to announce the 2015 worst roads in the province. On the eve of the results, Global’s Carly Robinson takes a look at how Saskatoon’s road repairs are going.

SASKATOON – With road repair crews out working around the clock since April 13, city councillor and chair of the transportation committee Charlie Clark reminds Saskatoon drivers to slow down as potholes are filled.

“We’ve been levering the extra capacity we’ve got through the tax increases that have come in and through some extra contracting help to go 24 hours on the potholes,” said Clark.

Al Poulin with ASL Paving is one of the private contractors and hopes drivers exercise caution when approaching the people paving the roads.

“For our safety the best thing would be for people to pay attention to our signs,” said Poulin.

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On Sunday, Poulin and his crew started work at 6:30 a.m. and have been working ten hours a day since the road repair blitz started.

“It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Our families suffer; obviously we don’t spend enough time with them this time of year.”

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On Monday, CAA Saskatchewan will release the results of this year’s Saskatchewan’s Worst Roads campaign. A street in Saskatoon has yet to make the top ten list.

“I know we’ve got some bad roads,” says Clark.

“It would be great to be reminded we’re not the only ones [with bad roads].”

As for Poulin, he says he wouldn’t be able to choose just one road for the campaign.

“Saskatoon has got lots of bad ones for sure. A lot of work to be done,” said Poulin.