Former Centerplate CEO Desmond Hague fined $5,000

WATCH: The former CEO of Centerplate who plead guilty to animal cruelty earlier this year has been sentenced to a $5,000 fine. Catherine Urquhart reports.

Desmond Hague, the former CEO of Centerplate who plead guilty to animal cruelty earlier this year has been sentenced to a $5,000 fine and is banned from owning an animal for three years.

Both Crown and Defence agreed on the sentence, but the SPCA says it’s disappointed.

“Clearly I guess the judge was taking into consideration the other circumstances, the personal ramifications for Mr. Hague and basically losing his job,” said Marcie Moriarty of the SPCA.

“Getting this case actually before the courts was a huge win, believe it or not.”

Hague made headlines last September after a video recorded in an elevator of the Hotel Georgia building was made public. It showed a man kicking a Doberman puppy and using a leash to suspend the dog in the air.

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In court on Wednesday Crown said the Doberman was kicked five times and Hague tugged three times hard on its leash. They added the amount of force is “quite significant.”

Defence said Hague was under a lot of stress at the time and was on medication for stress and anxiety. He had also been drinking.

Hague said he is very sorry about what happened and added he “can assure the court this is something that will never happen again.”

WATCH: Security Camera video from the elevator showing dog abuse. Warning: disturbing content.

At the time, Hague was the head of a company providing catering services to BC Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

He resigned in the wake of the incident with a promise to donate $100,000 and 1000 hours of community service to animal welfare.

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He also released an apology letter saying he was ashamed and deeply embarrassed about the incident.

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The BC SPCA conducted an investigation and referred the case to Crown.

Hague did not comment on on the verdict as he left the courtroom.

Hague plead guilty to one count of animal cruelty in February.