Justin Trudeau says he is ‘unequivocally opposed’ to Liberal-NDP coalition

WATCH: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and the NDP’s Tom Mulcair are both intent on defeating Prime Minister Stephen Harper in this year’s election. But if history is any guide, they could split the vote again and hand Harper victory. Jacques Bourbeau reports.

Justin Trudeau is 100 per cent against the idea of forming a coalition with the NDP, in any way, shape or form, he said Wednesday.

Confused? Maybe that’s because he made headlines just yesterday saying he might be interested in such a partnership, on the condition Thomas Mulcair wasn’t the party’s leader. The snub was included in a report from The Canadian Press following an interview with the Liberal leader.

“What I said during that interview, what I’ve said for the past three years, is that I’m unequivocally opposed to any sort of coalition,” he said Wednesday during a press conference in Halifax.

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“I trust Canadians’ capacity to determine who will sit in their Parliament.”

Trudeau then insisted he’s an “experienced enough politician” to have the wherewithal to not answer hypothetical questions.

“The fact is, I’m opposed to coalitions,” he said.

Anyway, he said, there are too many areas in which the federal Liberals and New Democrats disagree; economic growth, trade and even the Constitution, “or how easy it should be to break up this country,” Trudeau offered as examples.

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“I do not see any possibility of coalition with the NDP regardless of who the leader might be,” he said.

In Tuesday’s report, however, the Liberal leader said he might be open to the idea of a coalition with the NDP if Mulcair wasn’t at the helm.

Trudeau told The Canadian Press he understood Mulcair is a veteran politican who has proven himself, but that the New Democrat leader’s style is anchored in an old way of practicing politics.

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Last month, Mulcair reiterated he was open to a possible coalition with the Liberals but said, “Whenever we have opened that door, Justin Trudeau slams it shut.”

With files from The Canadian Press

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