Almost 3,000 subsidized family daycares threaten to strike

QUEBEC CITY – Negotiations between the Liberal government and 3,000 subsidized family daycares affiliated to the CSN have hit a wall.

The government is trying to renew collective agreements for the province’s 550,000 public sector workers.

On Wednesday, about 50 protesters representing many regions in Quebec said family daycare operators deserve much more than what the government is offering.

“What they want is to be recognized as they should be for the job that they do taking care and educating the children,” said CSN spokesperson Ann Gingras.

Daycare operators demanded a 5 per cent pay increase to match what CPE workers earn; the government offered them half a per cent, the equivalent of 14 cents per day per child, said Lucie Longchamps of the FSSS-CSN.

Protesters said they are prepared to put up a fight.

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They are first planning to go on strike for half a day on May 1st, 2015.

However there is no indication the Liberal government will back down.

Treasury Board spokesperson Marie-Ève Labranche pointed out the government has already signed a deal with 12,000 of the province’s 15,000 subsidized family daycares.

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