5 ways to check if your diet is on track

WATCH: Susan Watson explains healthy eating on the Morning News.

WINNIPEG — Spring can be a great time to focus on self-improvement, according to dietitians. Winnipeg registered dietitian Susan Watson suggests these five ways to get your diet back on track:

1) Are you eating enough vegetables? 

The recommended amount of vegetables is two cups for lunch and dinner. Watson recommends getting the family involved in improving eating habits by having a green vegetable at supper four times a week (or how many people there are in the family), allowing each member to pick a vegetable each day. Aim to fill half your dinner plate with vegetables.

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2) Are you watching your portions?

The appropriate serving size isn’t indicated on food packaging, Watson said. She recommends using the Canada Food Guide.

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3) Are you cooking in more than eating out?

Don’t be decieved by convenience foods sold in grocery stores. Those can be just as unhealthy as eating out, said Watson. Try planning your meals and pack lunches and snacks for work.

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4) Are you trying to limit ultra-processed foods, and consume more whole foods?

If you don’t know how something is made or if it has a paragraph of ingredients listed on the packaging, consider a less processed or homemade version, Watson said.

5) Are you practicing “mindful eating”?

Watson explains “mindful eating” as eating a meal without distractions such as smartphones or gaming devices. Try to eat as an entire family at least once a week.

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