Greater Vancouver Zoo targeted by animal rights protesters

Greater Vancouver Zoo targeted by animal rights protesters - image
Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo has been targeted by animal rights protesters.

Dozens of demonstrators marched to the entrance of the Aldergrove facility on Sunday.

They urged people to boycott the zoo following the deaths of exotic animals in years past, including two tigers last year.

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Protestors want the zoo to be converted to a sanctuary for local animals in need.

“What we are trying to do is just enlighten people to what actually goes on here and draw attention to the premature death, illness and making improvements over their own enclosures, their history of animal abuse charges and their numerous investigations by the SPCA and Vancouver Humane Society,” protester David Isbister told Global News.

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The zoo responded saying it does not take animals from the wild, unless they are a rescue situation and cannot be released back into the wild. They also raise money for several conservation and species survival programs.

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