NDP raises fear of St. Paul’s Hospital being closed

WATCH: St. Paul’s Hospital going to be demolished to make way for condos? An NDP MLA is raising questions about the future of the aging Vancouver hospital. Nadia Stewart reports.

Could downtown Vancouver’s only hospital be changing locations?

NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says he’s heard the aging hospital, which Christy Clark promised to spend $500 million revitalizing in 2012, will instead be moved.

“I’ve just heard it from too many people to dismiss it, and the fact the ministry won’t deny it tells me all I need to know,” says Herbert, the MLA for Vancouver-West End.

The hospital was built in 1912 and expanded in the 1930s. Many say it is in dire need of an upgrade, with the St. Paul’s Foundation website states that “none of the buildings will survive an earthquake or other major disaster.”

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Herbert says he’s heard from health care professionals and real estate agents that the plan is to build a new hospital on land at False Creek near Main and Terminal, and when complete, St. Paul’s would be torn down in favour of condos.

In response, the government issued a statement saying they were “firmly committed to revitalizing St. Paul’s Hospital, but said nothing about its long-term location.

“We are continuing to work with Providence Healthcare on the best to revitalize the hospital for the communities it serves. We must make sure that this fits within the future long-term vision of health care in the region and across the province, focusing on more comprehensive community services and a partnership between Lower Mainland hospital,” they wrote.

“We must also ensure that St. Paul’s Hospital can continue to serve the community while the revitalization project is underway.”

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