EXCLUSIVE: Montreal woman arrested for allegedly making false rape claim

MONTREAL – Close to two months ago, Carole Thomas went public with a claim she had been raped in Longueuil back in October 2014.

She told Global News, and other media outlets in Montreal, she was attacked in the back seat of a luxury car on Parc Industriel Street.

What was particular about Thomas’ story is that she said the assault happened about 48 hours before the murder of Jenique Dalcourt, and relatively close to the bike path where the young woman was killed.

In a one-on-one interview with reporter Domenic Fazioli, Thomas also said detectives “ignored” her case.

WATCH: Longueuil police questioned over rape investigation

“I question their competency and their abilities,” Thomas said back in February.

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“It really pisses me off.”

Global News has learned Thomas was arrested at her home in West-End Montreal early Thursday morning.

The 47-year-old now faces criminal charges which suggest she lied about her rape claims.

In the coming days or weeks, Thomas will be formally charged with multiple counts of fraud and public mischief.

Thomas spent the day being interrogated by investigators at Surete-du-Quebec headquarters near downtown Montreal.

The SQ is working with Longueuil Police in this file.

Women’s rights activist Sue Montgomery calls the arrest bothersome, but not damaging to causes like hers.

Montgomery kicked off a social media trend #beenrapedneverreported, which encourages victims to denounce their aggressors.

“With every case that is made up there are a million legitimate cases,” says Montgomery.

“I don’t think we can lose sight of that.”