Snow and higher gas; not a funny April Fool’s in Edmonton

EDMONTON — Drivers in and around Edmonton weren’t laughing during their morning commute on April Fool’s. Not only were they dealing with strong winds and snow, but a significant gas price increase.

The price of gas jumped from 87.9 cents Tuesday to 97.9 cents Wednesday at some city gas stations.

The frustration is intensified because the price of crude has sunk to US$49 a barrel. Some drivers believe the upcoming Easter long weekend is the reason for the jump at the pump.

“Doesn’t it happen before every long weekend? That’s just the way it goes,” said Rob.

“We’re powerless. We don’t have any control over what happens to gas prices. So it is pretty amazing that it goes up and down by such a leap,” said Celine.

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The spike comes days after the Alberta government released details about the 2015 budget, which includes a tax increase of four cents a litre for both gas and diesel.

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