WATCH: Video of red-coloured liquid dripping from Translink bus goes viral

WATCH: A video showing a red-coloured liquid dripping from the roof of a 99 B-line bus is making rounds online. Courtesy: YouTube, Luka Jason.

A video showing a red-coloured liquid leaking from the roof of a Translink bus is going viral.

The video, which was posted on Tuesday and now has more than 47,000 views, shows the liquid seeping from the roof of a bus as terrified passengers look on and try to stop the bus.

Chris Bryan with Translink told Global News the incident happened a week ago when hydraulic fluid leaked on one of their 99 B-line buses.

Bryan says the bus was safely parked and then towed back to the garage.

“TransLink take all leaks very seriously. All incidents are promptly and thoroughly investigated,” he adds. “Once repairs are made, our vehicles are road tested prior being returned to service.”

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After a two-hour repair, the 99 B-Line bus was back in service.

The cause of the fluid leak is still being determined.

Translink initially told Global News the liquid was non-toxic, but later corrected that statement saying hydraulic fluid can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, and can be toxic if swallowed.

Bryan says they have received no reports that any riders on the 99 B-Line bus came into contact with the fluid that leaked.

“We apologize to any of our passengers who may have been distressed by the incident. At no time were passengers in any danger,” says Bryan. “The bus has mechanical steering with power assist, so the safe steering of the bus was not impacted.”

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