WATCH: Drunk man smashes in ATM after it swallows his card

WATCH ABOVE: Li can be seen entering the ATM location with an iron bar and smashing the screen to pieces.

SHANGHAI, China – A drunk man would face compensation as well as criminal charges after intentionally smashing an ATM in Shanghai.

As shown by the bank’s surveillance video footage, a man came to withdraw cash, but punched in a wrong password on the ATM, which led his bank card swallowed by the machine. He left for a moment and was seen back with an iron bar. He repeatedly punched the machine’s screen until is was smashed.

The man surnamed Li voluntarily surrendered to police when he became sober.

“I mistook a credit card as a debit card. So after I inserted the card and put in a wrong password, my card was taken in by the machine. I said I really had a bad luck today,” recalled Li.

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“He smashed the display and the protection screen. The damage caused a loss of about 13,000 yuan. His acts constitute the crime of intentional destruction of public and private property. This is a criminal offense,” said Yang Jun, a police officer.

Li compensated for the bank’s loss. But he never imagined that he would be charged for criminal offense.

“I thought I destroyed public property and I must compensate. So I surrendered myself to the police. But I’ve never expected things to go so badly as I have little knowledge about law,” said Li.

Li has been freed on bail and his trial is pending with restricted liberty of moving.

The case is still under investigation.

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