Video of mom forcing screaming daughter to get ears pierced goes viral

A video showing a young girl screaming and crying while her mother tries to hold her still during an ear piercing appointment has raised concern among parents.

“I definitely think she went too far,” said mother Amanda Smith-Guillarte, after watching the video.

The young girl’s reaction includes screaming for her mother to stop and asking to not go through with it.

“No wait…Please… Don’t,” she screams during the video.

With the constant struggle from her daughter, the mother’s patience finally runs out.

“You’re going to have this s— done!” the mother tells her daughter angrily.

It did not take long for the video to go viral, prompting the question: When is the right time to get your child’s ears pierced?

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Smith-Guillarte is allowing her daughter to choose when she wants to get her ears pierced once she gets older. Toronto mother Shillann Rodriguez-Pena has decided to do it now while her daughter is a baby.

“She is little, she didn’t know the other one was coming,” Rodriguez-Pena said, regarding her daughter’s ear piercings.

It was that anticipation of the piercing gun that had the little girl in the video in tears while her mother proceeded to yell.

“At least been more gentle with her, try to work through it with her through the whole situation, help her instead of being mean and rough with her,” said Rodriguez-Pena after watching the video.

The video not only got the attention of mothers, but also the attention of Ian Greening, who runs a tattoo and piercing shop in Port Credit, Ont.

Greening refuses to pierce any child under the age of 13. It means he’s turned families away from his services.

“Stuff like you see in that video, you never see that here,” he said, referencing his shop, Artistic Integrity.

“They say, ‘No no’–That’s it, it’s done,” he said. “We don’t proceed at all even if they get up the gumption later.”

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