March 19, 2015 11:24 am
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‘So this one time in Canada, I got frostbite’: Australian’s photos of frostbite go viral

Emma Quirk in the last photo she took before experiencing severe frostbite.


Warning: The following content contains graphic images and may disturb some readers. Discretion is advised. 

TORONTO — As Canadians we all know what it means to get cold. Really cold. But frostbite is a whole other kind of cold. And an Australian woman can tell you just how brutal it is.

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Meet Emma Quirk, who got a severe case of frostbite in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, after she fell asleep in the cold following a night of drinking. Emma posted the entire ordeal on Imgur.

“So this one time in Canada, I got frostbite,” Emma starts off. “I’m an Australian and I’m really [expletive] stupid.”

Turns out Emma was separated from her friends — with no phone, no money and no idea where she was — and fell asleep after severe fatigue set in (a symptom of hypothermia). She was found and taken to the hospital.

“At 6.30 a nurse told me that best case scenario I keep my fingers. Worst case, I lose my hands,” Emma wrote.

These are Emma’s fingers 20 minutes after she was found.


“Everyone wanted to check out my sweet blisters and find out how long an Aussie can withstand the cold before almost dying. Apparently 3 hours is pretty piss-weak.”

Emma said that she got to meet “the local specialist” whose name was, “Wait for it… Dr. Freezin!!! I know! My injury has its own pun!” (Turns out it was Dr. Freisen.)

This photo shows the biggest her fingers reached. Though she looks rather playful here, she admits that the pain and pressure was almost unbearable.

This shows her fingers after the doctor cut open the blisters.
“Puss went everywhere. EVERYWHERE.”

The good news is that her hands are healing and that it looks like she will be able to keep her fingers.

Emma’s story was a painful lesson of the harshness of winter. But she has gone through the whole ordeal with humour. One of the morals of her story, she says, was: “Try not to get blackout drunk…if you do, know how to get home…find the pun in every situation.”

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