Another mom comes forward after maternity leave layoff

CALGARY – A fifth new Calgary mom has come forward telling Global News she was laid off by Amec Foster Wheeler just weeks before her maternity leave was due to finish.

Amanda Amah, mother of two, was a junior piping designer for the company before she received her pink slip in December.

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Amah said she received a few weeks’ severance but because she had been on maternity leave she didn’t qualify for unemployment benefits.

“It makes me wonder how they can just throw families out into the street like that,” said Amah.  “Knowing that we don’t get EI.”

She said it has been devastating not being able to pay bills and having to choose whether to buy food or pay the mortgage.

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“How do you tell your kids that you can’t afford food?  It’s been very difficult because you don’t want them to know that you’re struggling.”

Amah said she has five temp agencies trying to find her work, but so far the hunt has been unsuccessful.

“I’ve never gone this long without a job,” she said.  “I’m a trooper, I’m a fighter; I’ve never used EI except mat leave.”

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Amec Foster Wheeler said it cannot comment on specific cases nor will it confirm the total number of people laid off.

The company issued the following statement via email to Global News: “Such situations are unfortunate, and we do all we can to communicate with a compassionate and direct approach.”

“Generally speaking, in the event a position is terminated, all avenues within the company are exhausted to secure another comparable position for the employee,” said account manager Nicole Young from Maverick PR firm in an email. “If that is not possible, the company provides advance notice to the employee in question as per agreed employment contracts.”

Amah says she knows two other women who work for Amec Foster Wheeler that are on maternity leaves due to end later this year.


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