Hefty fine for Saskatoon woman misusing 911

A Saskatoon woman has been given a hefty fine after making repeated 911 calls for a non-emergency. File / Global News

SASKATOON – A woman is paying a hefty fine after repeatedly calling 911. Saskatoon police say they received a report on March 6 from the 28-year-old woman that someone was trying to get into her apartment.

Responding officers could not find anyone and did not see any evidence of an attempted break and enter.

After police left, the woman continued to call 911. She was warned not to use the number for anything other than an emergency and would be charged if she continued to call.

She ended up calling 19 times in less than two hours and was given a ticket under the Emergency 911 System Act. It carried a fine of $1,000.

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Police officials say 911 should only be used for real emergencies as misuse of the system takes call takers and resources away those situations.


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