Challenger steps up to battle Danielle Smith for local PC riding nomination

Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith speaks to reporters in Calgary, Alta., Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013.
A southern Alberta town councillor who's announced she's challenging Danielle Smith for a local Progressive Conservative nomination says Smith is just "another person seeking nomination.". THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

OKOTOKS — A southern Alberta town councillor who’s announced she’s challenging Danielle Smith for a local Progressive Conservative nomination says Smith is just “another person seeking nomination.”

Carrie Fischer says she’s decided to seek the party’s nomination in Highwood because there are a number of local issues she wants addressed, including a water pipeline her town needs, as well as issues with the province’s disaster relief program.

Smith was Opposition Wildrose leader until she and eight other Wildrose MLAs crossed the floor in December and joined the Tories, and is the current member for Highwood.

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Smith tweeted over the weekend that she looks forward to seeing Fischer on the campaign trail.

Fischer says she has been a longtime volunteer for the PCs in Alberta and for the Conservatives federally.

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She says the work of a campaign remains the same even though there’s likely going to be a lot of attention on her nomination battle.

“We have to provide the local party members choices for who they would like to see represent them,” Fischer said on Sunday while travelling from one of her daughter’s hockey games to another daughter’s game.

“We’ve got a lot of ongoing files that need attention.”

On Saturday, many eyes were watching as one of the floor-crossers, Blake Pedersen, defeated two challengers for the PC nomination in Medicine Hat.

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A total of 11 Wildrose members crossed the floor late last year. One of them, Ian Donovan, has already been acclaimed as the candidate for the riding of Little Bow.

Two others are not running again while the rest, including Smith, are still battling it out to win their nominations.

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