Actress Uma Thurman almost unrecognizable as she steps out in NYC

Uma Thurman, pictured on Feb. 9, 2015 (left) and in February 2014 (right). Getty Images

TORONTO — Actress Uma Thurman was virtually unrecognizable Monday at the New York City premiere of her miniseries The Slap.

The 44-year-old star appeared decidedly different than she did a year ago.

Thurman’s transformation is recent, too. She was photographed at the end of January looking more like the star fans know from movies like Kill Bill and The Truth About Cats & Dogs.

Thurman’s new look had tongues wagging and tabloids speculating. The UK’s Daily Mail quoted cosmetic surgeon Mark Norfolk guessing that the actress had several procedures including Botox injections on her forehead and removal of bags under her eyes.

“I would say that she’s probably had a recent course of strong chemical peels as well as some dermal filler injected into the cheeks and nasal labial area,” Norfolk is quoted as saying.

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Thurman has never spoken publicly about having undergone cosmetic procedures.

BELOW: Uma Thurman’s changing looks.

Uma Thurman, pictured in February 2006. Getty Images
Uma Thurman, pictured in May 2011. Getty Images
Uma Thurman, pictured in May 2014. Getty Images
Uma Thurman, pictured in January 2015. Getty Images
Uma Thurman, pictured in February 2015. Getty Images

The Mirror opined she “looked visibly smoother” at Monday’s event.

US Weekly reported Thurman looked “remarkably different … perhaps due to a lack of makeup around her usually very distinctive eyes.”

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Thurman is not the first star to debut a fresh look. Last October, Renée Zellweger said her dramatic change of appearance was the result of “living a different, happy, more fulfilling life.”

A few months earlier, Nicole Kidman sparked speculation when she showed up at the Cannes film festival looking significantly different.

Renee Zellweger, pictured on Oct. 20, 2014 (left) and on Oct. 25, 2012 (right). Getty Images
Nicole Kidman, pictured on May 13, 2014 (left) and in February 2013 (right). Getty Images

Of course, social media lit up with discussions about Thurman’s visage. Within hours, she was trending on Twitter around the world.

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