Measles outbreaks in Canada: A look at cases per province

WATCH: There’s a new measles scare in Toronto bringing the number of confirmed cases to six. A daycare is now linked to the province’s outbreak and now there are fears the children may be at risk for this virus. Mike Drolet reports.

Ontario is currently in the middle of a measles outbreak, but it’s hardly the first province to go through this in the past few years.

The six cases reported so far in Toronto pale in comparison to last year’s outbreak in B.C.’s Fraser Valley, where 433 cases were reported. And the biggest outbreak in North America in 20 years was in Quebec in 2011: 725 cases were reported, largely in the Mauricie and Montérégie regions of the province.

The graphic below shows measles cases in Canada over the past few years. All information came from the health authorities of the respective provinces. Click on a province to see more about its recent history with measles.

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