By the numbers: The last measles outbreak in Quebec

WATCH: Another measles outbreak in Quebec?

MONTREAL — The last significant outbreak of measles in North America was in Quebec, where there were 776 cases reported in 2011.

Distribution of cases of measles by date of onset rash and confirmation status in Quebec in 2011. Bureau de surveillance et de vigie, DPSP, MSSS

Here’s a look at the 2011 outbreak, by the numbers:


The last time Quebec had a measles outbreak, reportedly the worst in North America.

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Cases a week of the measles reported in May, June and July. The outbreak started with just a few confirmed cases in February and March.


Total cases of the measles reported, with the majority in young people aged 10-19 years old.


The percentage of patients that had to be hospitalized.


The percentage of people who experienced serious complications.


People suffered from pneumonia due to complications from the viral infection.


Luckily, there were no deaths.

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