WATCH: Battle brewing over a South Okanagan clothing optional beach

PENTICTON– There’s a battle brewing over a South Okanagan clothing optional beach that’s pitting naturists against families who live in the area.

No trespassing signs and fences have forced the naturists from the more secluded area of the beach closer to the family portion.

With a controversial website, petitions and letter writing campaigns both sides claim they are being bullied.

Matt Fraser, a Three Mile Road resident, claims to have found used condoms and other graphic indicators that there’s sexual activity going on at the beach.

beach2Fraser’s group took its concerns to Penticton City Council Monday night.

The allegations have upset many in the naturist community.

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Kevin Proteau, of the group Locals Supporting Locals and a naturist himself believes the situation is being misrepresented.

Proteau says the naturist community is about respect, that if there was any inappropriate activity going on the people taking part would be asked to leave.

Other residents are asking that a website that asks visitors to identify people said to be trespassing on private property, be taken down.

The naturists are hoping Penticton council can help them find some common ground so that everybody can enjoy the beach.

Fraser says there are a number of issues that need to be addressed and at this point he doesn’t see any compromise.