Violent altercation between hiker and biker on Mount Fromme

WATCH: There are reports of two violent confrontations in the Mount Fromme area, both involving a mountain biker and hiker. Jeremy Hunka reports

A woman biking down Mount Fromme allegedly had two altercations with the same female hiker in her fifties or sixties on two separate days.

According to Cam McRae, the editor of the North Shore Mountain Biking website, the first incident happened on Tuesday and the biker was struck by a hiking pole.

The second incident happened on Friday on Pennzoil trail. The biker tried taking a photo of the woman, which apparently provoked the confrontation.

North Vancouver RCMP were told of the incident, but have not commented on the issue.

WATCH: Woman caught laying logs, rocks on North Vancouver biking trails

Earlier this month, a woman was charged for allegedly sabotaging bike trails on North Vancouver trails.

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Despite that, bikers that spoke to Global News today say the relationship between the two groups is generally positive.

“I would say it’s not a growing problem. I’ve been mounting biking for 20, and I don’t remember anything being this serious ever. I think this is an aberration,” said Vincent Beasse of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association.

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