Cab driver arrested in sexual assault investigation

Calgary Police have arrested a cab driver in the sexual assault investigation but no official word on charges.

Since the victim has come forward other are reporting different complaints against Calgary cabbies.

Another woman has come forward to say she too was afraid after riding in a Calgary cab.

Her story comes on the heels of another story involving a Calgary woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a Calgary taxi driver.

Earlier this week, Samantha described to Global News how she was locked in a cab and assaulted.

“…then he drove me into an alleyway and I kept saying please don’t do this cause I knew something was going to happen.”

Chelsea says she also felt at risk while riding in a cab on the weekend.

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“I didn’t like the way he was making me feel.”

Chelsea said she was trying to head downtown but the driver wasn’t listening to her directions.

“I asked him again can you turn around this isn’t where Deerfoot is. He ignored me again so I just opened the door and jumped out of the taxi cab… and he yelled at me to get back in and I just booked it.”

Chelsea reported the incident to police but says like Samantha, she too is fearful because the cab driver knows where she lives.

Kevin Brookwell is with the Calgary Police Service.

“It’s important we get that info… if there’s safety planning or other things that have to be put in place as a result of them coming forward that’s what we will do to assist those folks.”

Police haven’t made an arrest in Samantha’s case but say they have a suspect, including pictures of the man from CCTV surveillance video.


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