WATCH: Baby with ocular albinism able to see mom for the first time

A mother and her baby girl from Denver, Colorado are thanking a special pair of glasses for helping them see each other more clearly.

Baby Louise was born with the rarest form of albinism, which creates a lack of pigmentation in her hair, skin and eyes.

Due to the condition, Louise is also legally blind.

“One of the things with ocular albinism of the eye that is hard for me as a mom is she never makes eye contact with me,” mom Megan McMorris told NBC.

That all changed when Louise’s parents were able to connect with a specialist, who fitted Louise with a special pair of glasses, tailored for her condition.

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The video of Louise “seeing” her mom Megan for the first time has since gone viral.

Since that moment, Megan says Louise’s body language and behaviour has changed significantly because she is much more aware of her surroundings.

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The connection between mom and baby is also more intimate now. Louise now looks straight into Megan’s eyes, especially when she is being serenaded.

“So many people take advantage of eye contact,” said Megan. “It’s a gift. It’s a blessing.”