Gardening: Misty tropical terrarium

Using moisture loving plants, two glass bowls and a neat gadget, GardenWorks Chris Janko and Scott Pearce create a project worthy of witch or wizard.

Chris Janko and Scott Pearce of GardenWorks show you how to make a misty tropical terrarium.

• Large glass open-top terrarium fishbowl
• Small glass open-top terrarium fishbowl that goes inside the larger bowl
• Plastic cover/pot bottom to cover small fishbowl while planting
• Ultrasonic mist make /fogger with colour-changing light

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Soil Products

• Charcoal
• Indoor potting soil

Small Tropical Plants (in 6 cm pots).

• Sugarvine
• Blue Star Creeper
• Pteris fern
• Krispy wave fern

Filler and Accent Pieces

• Live sphagnum moss
• Dried seindeer moss
• Lotus seed pod
• Kiwi vine branch
• Natural stones

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