Jodie Emery says Liberal Party won’t let her be a candidate

WATCH ABOVE: Jodie Emery had set her sights on becoming a candidate for the federal liberal nomination in Vancouver East. But this evening – she received news she wasn’t expecting. Catherine Urquhart reports.

After months of prospective campaigning, marijuana activist Jodie Emery says the federal Liberal Party has rejected her application to be a candidate for the party’s nomination in Vancouver East.

“It’s disappointing,” says Emery, who says she still plays to vote for the Liberals in the federal election scheduled for this October.

Emery, who is married to ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery, announced last year she would seek the Liberal’s nomination in Vancouver East. NDP MP Libby Davies has held the riding since 1997, but she’s stepping down after this election, causing many people to consider running for the seat, including Emery.

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She said the Liberal’s stance on marijuana legalization, combined with her wish to remove Stephen Harper as Prime Minister, made her want to run for the party.

But the Liberal Party never said that she was an official candidate for the nomination and today, according to Emery, they formally told her she wouldn’t be approved.

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“My entire reputation went into consideration,” said Emery, who says the party hasn’t given her any specific reasons why she’s been rejected. I’ve been an activist for 10 years, I’ve made a lot of comments publicly about my opinion on policies, and maybe some of those ideas didn’t jive with the Liberal Party.”

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