Port Moody residents air Evergreen Line construction concerns in public meeting

A public information meeting held by Port Moody residents living along the Evergreen Line construction area were hoping to get answers this morning but instead got more frustrations.

A sinkhole appeared on Cecile Drive last week and residents fear the hole is a symptom of a much larger problem for their homes and properties. It’s the second sinkhole to appear in the area in the past three months.

This morning residents were hoping to get some answers and have their fears about the ground becoming dangerously unstable assuaged.

“There are lots of problems happening with the drilling that’s going on there… especially with my house,” one concerned resident said to the Evergreen Line project construction manager Nasir Kurji.

“I’m feeling vibrations going through the house. I’ve got floors in that house that are 60 years old that are oak floors, that the nails are starting to come up. There are a lot more problems then what’s going on down here at Cecile [Drive]. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”
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Residents said they are worried their homes and properties are being damaged by the boring and drilling for the new line. Foundations have cracked and basements have flooded and the residents want to know if it’s related to the ongoing construction.

“When are they going to be gone and what’s going to happen next time?” asked Port Moody councillor Robert Vagramov.

“What if this happens underneath a house? Those are real concerns that real people have that aren’t being addressed today.”

The Evergreen Line construction manager said they are “working under challenging situations” and are trying to address the issues.

“We’re doing our geotechnical investigations right now,” Kurji said.

“We’re attempting to characterize the conditions so that we can make our strategy on how to move forward.”

The Ministry of Transportation said safety is their top priority and is analyzing the situation along with going over the concerns of the residents. Even though crews are on-site to make sure there is no risk to any of the nearby properties, residents are not happy with the answers they received today.

Another public meeting is planned for tomorrow night.


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