Squamish added to “52 Places to Go in 2015” by The New York Times

Spencer Craig - Elaho, Squamish Valley.
Spencer Craig - Elaho, Squamish Valley.

A local gem in British Columbia is gaining worldwide attention as a hotspot travel destination.

The New York Times, one of the worlds’ leading publications, is encouraging world travellers to visit the B.C. town of Squamish.

The mountain town has been paid a high compliment, making No. 32 in this weekend’s edition of “52 Places to Go in 2015.”

The Big Apple’s prominent newspaper calls it “a town more than a stopover.”

Squamish is typically seen as a pit stop between Vancouver and Whistler, but last Spring, the new Sea to Sky Gondola began to change that widely held view.

The $22-million gondola takes tourists on a 10-minute, two kilometre ride to the top of Howe Sound, about 850 meters above sea level on a route between Shannon Falls and the Stawamus Chief granite cliffs.  There are also cafes, and several hiking and biking trails.

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WATCH: Squamish mayor Patricia Heintzman talks with Geoff Hastings about the town’s placement on a prestigious New York Times list.

“I think the secret’s out now after The New York Times puts this on their list,” says Patricia Heintzman, the Mayor of Sqaumish, “It’s something we’ve known here forever locally, but now I guess the world gets to know.”

Heintzman says Sqaumish will see a paradigm shift in terms of tourism.

“We’re very much at a cross roads.”

The only other Canadian city that made The New York Times list of places to travel is Quebec City.

Iconic places around the world such as Milan made No.1, but Squamish managed to beat dozens of well-known travel destinations like Miami Beach and Shanghai.

“Of course you’re a little surprised because we’re just a little town, but I’m not surprised that people are finally saying wow that’s a pretty unique place,” added the proud Mayor.

The view of the Chief and Howe Sound.
The view of the Chief and Howe Sound. McKay Savage