NDG resident blames city’s ‘INFO-Neige’ app for parking ticket

MONTREAL – When a snowstorm hits Montreal over 2,000 snow removal trucks are deployed to clear up the city. Not only does that make it difficult to get around, but parking becomes a bit of a tricky task.

But there’s an app for that, at least so we’re told.

The city’s new INFO-Neige mobile application claims to inform users which streets have been cleared, which streets are being cleared and where it’s safe to park their car.

It didn’t live up to its word for NDG resident Sandrine Campeau when she used the app for the first time last month.

“We parked the vehicle, there were no street signs and of course, when we got the notification saying the street had been cleared, we basically ran to the car and it had of course been towed and moved and the street was clear,” explained Campeau.

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She was ticketed $118 and now Campeau is giving city hall the cold shoulder.

“I could tell you we will never use this application again. I feel as though the city is not being explicit with the major problems they’re having with it.”

Borough Mayor Russell Copeman admitted to Global News that there were in fact some issues with it during the first snow storm.

“In the NDG Borough we had a little bit of a delay in getting the information so I understand that and we’ve taken steps to correct that locally,” Copeman said.

He added that ‘INFO-Neige’ is a tool meant to compliment actual signs put up during snow removal operations.

Campeau, on the other hand, insists the description of the app is misleading. In the details it states: “it’s the best way to be informed on the snow removal operations this winter in Montreal.”

While she’ll be contesting her ticket and deleting the app, the city is hoping to make improvements.

“We will make sure that the statements made on the website aren’t in anyway misleading that it’s very clear that residents need to check again the snow removal operations,” Copemen said.



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