Manuary kicks off at Saskatoon barbershop

Beard-growing campaign aims to raise awareness about head and neck cancer in Saskatoon for the rest of January. Neil Fisher / Global News

SASKATOON – A group of men officially kicked off a month of supporting head and neck cancer research in Saskatoon. ‘Manuary’ got underway Saturday evening at Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop with a shave-off.

The campaign involves a month of beard growing which ends with a ‘facial hair face-off’ on Jan. 31. It’s headed by Saskatoon surgeon Dr. Rick Jaggi. He said he’s seen firsthand the devastating effects of head and neck cancer and hopes to raise awareness.

“We really want policy makers to know that this is an important thing to deal with,” said Jaggi, after getting a shave at Tommy Gun’s.

“It’s currently the sixth most common cancer in the world, and it’s quickly going to become an even more common cancer – some of the rates are doubling every year.”

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At the end of the month, participants will gather at Village Guitar & Amp Co. at 432 20th Street West. Prizes will be given out to the most creative facial hair and most funds raised.

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With files from Amber Rockliffe

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